BCR eying 500,000 customers for current account package by end 2008

The Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR) aims to have a portfolio of 500,000 customers for the current account package until the end of 2008, announced in a news conference, executive manager of the Direction for Business Development and Retail Products with BCR, Sorin Mititelu said in a news conference.
Almost one year after release, over 250,000 customers of BCR benefit from the current account package, of which 80% were existing customers and 20% are new customers, said Mititelu. The new package of current account the was released in September 2007 and groups several products and services associated to the current account which allow customers to make transactions through the internet and phone, saving time and money.

Current account package was released by the Romanian Commercial Bank after a market survey on the most used services by its customers, individuals, according to which as many as 41% used debit card, 35% used the current account in lei. The customer no 250,000 awarded on September 8 by the bank’s representatives contracted the current account package at BCR branch in Sibiu (center Romania) in August. On September 5, according to the latest figures of the bank, the number of customers reached already to 267,800 people.
BCR, member of Erste Bank, the most important banking institution of Romania administers assets worth over 17.5 billion euros The bank provides a whole range of products for population having at present 597 units of retail for population and small enterprises opened nationwide in most towns with over 10,000 dwellers.
BCR reported in H1 2008 net profit after taxation and the payment of minority interests of 759.5 million lei (over 206 million euros), up by 63.5% as against the same period of 2007 and assets grew by 2.3% compared to December 2007 at 64.81 billion lei.
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