INS: salaries in construction sector rise more than price of materials

The salaries in the construction sector rose in H1 2008 by 23.9% versus H1 2007, outstripping the rise in the prices of construction materials, which stood at 13.9%, according to the data presented on September 11, in a press conference, by the president of the National Statistics Institute (INS), Vergil Voineagu.
In the reference period, the cost indexes in the construction sector rose 14.4%, with the biggest increase being recorded at the non-residential buildings – 15.2%, whereas the costs for the residential buildings rose 14.8%, and the costs for the engineering constructions advanced 13.9%.
In H1 2008, the number of the permits issued for residential buildings stood at 29,394, up 12.9%, representing a total area of 2.9 million sqm. As many as 22,253 homes were built, out of which 21,052 on private funds and 1,201 on public funds.

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