Romanias automotive industry to reach 10 bn euro in 2010

The specialists quoted by the business daily Business Standard considers in 2010 the turnover of the automotive industry of Romania will exceed 10bn euro, due to the entry of the US carmaker Ford, accompanied by its suppliers.
The cumulated turnover of Romania’s automotive industry will exceed this year 8.5bn euro, up some 20% versus the level in 2007, Constantin Stroe, chairman of the Association of Carmakers of Romania (ACAROM), told the said daily. Stroe says the results are owed to the increase in production at Dacia and maturing of the investments made in the past years.
The two carmakers that were operating in 2007 on the local market, Dacia and Daewoo Automobile Romania (Craiova, south), together with the component makers, posted last year a turnover of 7.2bn euro, up 28% versus 5.6bn euro in 2006. The 2007 exports amounted to 1.7bn euro, according to ACAROM.

Stroe’s estimate is backed by Ernest Popovici, the chairman of the Association of Car Makers and Importers (APIA). According to APIA, the car production rose last year by 13.2% to 41,712 units, out of which 234,103 were passenger cars, up 16.1% on 2006, and 7,599 were commercial vehicles, down 36.3%. French carmaker Renault will invest 300m euro in the Dacia plant in Pitesti until 2009, both to increase the annual production capacity to 400,000 units versus 350,000 at present, and for the research and development activities on the Logan model.
On the other hand, John Fleming, president of Ford Europe, announced recently the company would produce, as of 2012, at Craiova, 300.000 vehicles and 300,000 engines annually. In 2009, the U.S. carmaker will start manufacturing in Craiova the utility van Transit Connect, and the range will be extended by one model every year.
Among the producers of subassemblies that hold factories in Romania are Pirelli, Continental, Michelin, INA-Schaeffler, Hutchinson, Trelleborg Automotive, Marquardt Schaltsysteme, Brose, Calsonic Kansei, HTP High Tech Plastics, Schneider Oechsler International, Honeywell and Takata-Petri.
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