Agricultural production rises 3.8% in H1

Agricultural production grew 3.8% in H1 2008, on H1 2007, according to data made public on September 11by the National Statistics Institute (INS).
Vegetal production increased 18.8%, animal production and farming services decreased 1%, 18.7% respectively.
In H1, wheat and rye production stood at 607.000 tonnes, up 46.2%, that of barley and two row barley at 563,000 tonnes (plus 113.1%), that of early potatoes at 216,800 tonnes (minus 43.5%), that of rapeseed at 370,300 tonnes (plus 153.5%), of white cabbage at 51,800 tonnes (plus 61.4%), of cherries and sour cherries at 75,8000 tonnes (plus 14.5%).
For 2008, estimates put wheat and rye production at 7.754 million tonnes, compared with 3.14 million tonnes in 2007, that of barley at 596.200 tonnes, compared with 231,9000 tonnes in 2007, that of oats at 422,600 tonnes, compared with 251,6000 tonnes in 2007, that of rapeseed for oil at 732 tonnes compared with 361, 5000 tonnes in 2007.

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