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EU has to allocate more funds to sheep and goat breeders

“The promotion of the consumption of sheep and goat dairy products and meat must be one of the priorities of the 27 EU countries, as both the consumption and the exports are currently low” Romanian MEP Constantin Dumitriu (European People’s Party and European Democrats in the European Parliament EPP-DE) said during the Conference on the problems and future of European sheep and goat raising sector,’ the French EU chairmanship staged in Limoges, on Sept 4-5.
Dumitriu spoke about the problems the Romanian sheep and goat-raising sector had been facing, and which had affected the 500,000 farms where sheep and goats breeding is their main income source.
In Romania, unlike other EU member countries, the number of sheep grew, during the last four years, as a result of the financial support EU granted to the sector. Nevertheless, at the same time, the consumption stays low, same as the exports of traditional sheep and goat dairy products.
Therefore, the promotion of the consumption of sheep and goat dairy products and meat must be a EU priority, Dumitriu said.

“Selling live sheep and goat is another very serious problem the Romanian breeders have been facing, because the processing capacity is still small and the result is that the farmers earn a considerably lower profit than if they sold the products separately, and Romania has to import finished products for higher prices than if they were made in Romania,” MEP Dumitriu pointed out, also suggesting that the EU funds must be mainly directed to increase the processing capacity, and the Government must adopt fiscal steps in favour of the genuine Romanian products.
Attending the Conference on the problems and future of Europe’s sheep and goat breeding were France’s Agriculture Minister and President in-office of the EU Council of Agriculture Ministers Michel Barneier, Romania’s Agriculture Minister Dacian Ciolos, other agriculture ministers and state secretaries from Spain, UK and Ireland along with other MEPs.

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