European Commission opens in-depth investigation into aid to Ford for training project in Craiova

The European Commission on September 10 decided to launch a formal investigation underEC Treaty state aid rules into Romania’s plans to grant public funding worth 57  million euros (approx. RON 2 billion) for a staff training programme at the Ford Motors car plant in Craiova, in the South West of Romania.

The Commission has doubts whether the aid would give rise to additional training over and above what Ford would be likely to carry out in the absence of the aid. The Commission’s investigation concerns a comprehensive staff-training programme at Ford Craiova for the period 2008-2012. The Romanian authorities intend to subsidise this training programme with 57 million euros (about RON 2 billion) and have notified their plans to the Commission as required by EC Treaty state aid rules.
The decision of the European Commission to launch the investigation into the public funding for the staff training programme of Ford is a normal procedure followed by the European Union in all cases of requests for significant state aid for staff training, Ford officials told.
They added that Ford would work closely with the European Commission to walk all the steps of the process.
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