European project of cultural-tourist information

Iron Gates Region Museum from Drobeta Turnu Severin (Mehedinti County, south-western Romania) is to manage the “Danube European Corridor” project, worth 80,000 euros, with the money coming from the European Union and the Mehedinti County Council.

The manager of the museum, University Professor Ion Stanga told on Sunday that 17 cultural tourist information banners have already been placed in several historical areas and close to some monuments of nature, in Romanian, French and English.
“According to the project, there are to be placed along the tourist itineraries in the county 33 such banners, 10 to show the way to monuments of architecture, 12 close to old localities and 11 to the palaeontology sites,” Stanga said.
According to Stanga, the project will also highlight for the first time several cultural-historical or natural monuments in the Danube Green Corridor.
Among these the 3 churches with walls (in the Cerneti village), Tudor Vlaidmirescu’s manor (cula in Romanian) and also Nistor’s manor (in the Piatra Alba village), churches in the Batoti, Pristol and Bistrita localities, the Romanian camp in Hinova, Novac’s furrow, the archaeological sites from Izvorul Frumos, Crivina, Ostrovul Mare, Izvoarele, Gruia, Pristol and Simian and the palaeontology sites from Erghevita, Valea Mojiei and Ostrovul Corbului and the protected area Gruia-Garla Mare.
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