HeidelbergCement, investments of over 350 million euros in 10 years

German group HeidelbergCement invested in Romania over 350 million euros, in the 10-year presence on the local market, with investments in environmental protection totaling more than 25 million euros.
“Romania represents an extremely important pillar of HeidelbergCement, being of the most dynamic markets in Europe, because of solid economic growth which mirrors in cement consumption, as an outcome of the investments in infrastructure and constructions,” said Andreas Kern, member of the managing board and CEO of HeidelbergCement for Central Europe and Central Asia.
Kern told Business Standard that in an extremely active economy, such as the Romanian one, the maintenance of the leader position represents the result of the efforts deployed during dozens of years of presence on the market.”
German group HeidelbergCement will start next year the construction of a new plant of cement, in which it might invest 300-330 million euros considering the current units work at full throttle.

The group entered Romania in 1998, by purchasing the cement plant Moldocim Bicaz (northeast) and in the upcoming years, it bought the production units Casial Deva (centre) and Romcif Fieni (centre).
In 2004, HeidelbergCement Holding came up through the merger of the three cement plants, HeidelbergCement being present in Romania through divisions Carpat Concrete and Carpat Aggregate.
Net profit of the group’s three local divisions – cement, concrete and aggregates – reached in 2007 as many as 117.3 million euros, compared to 71.6 million euros in 2006. The consolidated turnover of the three divisions grew 31% to 363 million euros, of which cement sales accounted for 288 million euros.
For this year, Carpatcement Holding estimates a rise in business by some 4.6% up to 380 million euros, from 363 million euros last year, given the reaching of the maximal production capacity.
At present, Carpatcement runs at full speed and it will invest 150 million euros until 2011-2012 to double capacities of incumbent production facilities.
Besides the investments allotted in the expansion of production facilities, the company aims to build a new cement plant. „We have several areas where we are examining the possibility to locate the new plant, and by the end of the year we’ll decide whether the investments may be made,” said CEO of Carpatcement Holding, Mihai Rohan.
Rohan said the investment in the construction of a cement plant amounts to some 300-330 million euros.
The Romanian market of cement was assessed last year at 800 million euros and experts with Carpatcement Holding told daily Ziarul Financiar that the cement consumption would see an annual growth of 15-20% until 2018, considering that sweeping projects of infrastructure have not started yet and the constructions market is supported by real estate projects.
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