INS – Agriculture contributes positively but insignificantly to record economic growth

The agriculture contributes positively but insignificantly to the record economic growth that Romania scored during the first half of the year, despite the general perception of the influence of a good farming year on the dynamics of the Romanian economy in 2008, National Statistics Institute (INS) president Vergil Voineagu told a news conference on September 11.

Romania registered an economic growth of 9.3% in H2, 2007, and of 8.8% in H1 of the year, both GDP growth paces being record figures after 1989.
Romania contributed only 0.1 per cent to the economic growth worth 8.8% in the first half of the year, while the services contributed 3.8%, the industry 1.6%, the building 2.2%, and the net product tax 1.1%, INS data say.
Moreover, the agriculture contributes only 3.6% to the GDP compared to 49.5% representing the building’s contribution and 26.5% the industry’s, and figures keep on dwindling. The growth in the vegetal production was not accompanied by the increase in the animal sector, in the H1, Voineagu pointed out.Thus, the vegetal production grew by 18.8%, while the animal production dropped by 1%, and the agricultural services also registered a 19% decrease.
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