No airport in Romania meets Schengen conditions

Each airport in Romania has to find financing sources with a view to their preparation, until March 2011, to operate under conditions imposed by the Schengen Space, the first evaluation of the EU Council starts in 2009.
“Practically, at this time, no airport in Romania meets these requirements, much is still to do in this connection,” said head of Schengen and programmes Directorate of the General Inspectorate of the Border Police Andrei Voicu, in conclusion to a national conference held on September 11-12, in Oradea, western Romania, by the Association of Romanian Airports.

Voicu added that closest to meeting these conditions is the airport in Sibiu, center of Romania. The upgrading of airports will mean arrangement of spaces and flows of passengers, with special terminals for arrivals and departures, flows of arrivals and departures for Schengen and non-Schengen Space, with all the stages of verification of passengers.
The preparation of airports to meet these conditions requires high investment in all airports, in the infrastructure, in terminals and the platforms for getting into/our of planes, ine runways.
After 2011, all the flights in Schengen Space will be internal flights, and only airports audited by the Schengen Commission can operate out of this space.
In 2007, Romania joined the EU and it fully accepted the European and Schengen acquis. A common statement of the Romanian and Bulgarian interior ministers says that in March 2011 Romania and Bulgaria intend to join the Schengen Space. Conditions in this space are different for passengers from the EU and the Schengen Space and for those not coming from this space.
The differences are clearly said in a Code of Schengen borders, which, according to the Romanian Constitution, is law in Romania.
Assessments on conformation will start next year and will be carried out by a committee, at the level of the EU. The sea borders will be evaluated in September, the land ones in October, and air ones in December.
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