Over 10 million tonnes of cereals and vegetables harvested this summer

Over 10.27 million tonnes of cereals and vegetables were harvested this summer, of which more than 75% (7.75 million tonnes) represent the production of wheat, according to figures provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR).
Therefore, the production of barley and two-row barley in 2008 reached this year almost 1.3 million tonnes, that is 2.4 times more than last year when the production was of only 544,000 tonnes. The average yield was of 3,400 kg per one ha, compared to 1,535 kg last year.
According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development the production of oat in 2008 exceeded 422,560 tonnes, with an average yield per one ha of 2010 kg.
As regards rape, the production was of 732,802 tonnes, compared to 352,700 tonnes one year ago, and the production of peas harvested was of 39,504 tonnes, with an average yield per ha of 2,174 tonnes. The production of beans reached 18,167 tonnes and the production of white mustard was of 8,726 tonnes.
This year, analysts estimate for Romania an agricultural production of 52.5 billion lei, (15.8 billion euros), up some 10% as against the previous year.

The value of agricultural production in 2007 was of 47.7 billion lei, compared to 50.7 billion lei in 2006, according ton information supplied by the National Statistics Institute (INS). For this year, the value of cereal production alone was appraised at 31.59 billion lei, the animal production was appraised at 19.19 million lei and agricultural services at 0.74 million lei.
The European Commission has recently announced that the overall production of cereals might reach 301 million tonnes in the European Union, with 43 million tonnes higher than in 2007, due to the meteorological conditions more favorable this summer compared to the one of 2007, but also the growth of cultivated areas.
As regards the wheat, the estimates of the European Commission point to an average production in the European Union of 5.6 tonnes/ha, up 4.8% over the average of the past 5 years. As regards Romania, the average production per area in 2008 is expected to be of 2.8 tonne/ha, up 75.6% over the previous year and by 14.3 compared to the average of the past years.
As for maize, the European Commission estimates an average production of 6.9 tonnes/ha for 2008 in EU, up 9.5% over the average level of the past 5 years. Romania is expected to report one of the biggest relative rises in EU as regards the production of maize per area, namely 3.5 tonne/ha maize in 20078 over 1.6 tonne/ha the previous year, that is a rise of 122.89%.
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