Romania will not be penalized by EC because it has not exceeded national milk quota

Romania will not be penalized by the EU Commission because it has not exceeded its national milk quota for 2007-2008, reads Agriculture Payments and Intervention Agency (APIA) release.
The annual questionnaire on the implementation of the EU milk and milk products levy system stipulated in the Regulation 1788/2003 was sent to the EU Commission on Sept 29, 2007, in compliance with the reporting proceedings with the EU Commission’s Committee on milk and dairy products management, APIA department for milk quota management stressed.
As many as 621,702 farmers with direct milk sale quotas and 242,303 dairy farmers holding milk delivery quotas had to lodge annual statements for the quota year April 1, 2007- March 31, 2008. The milk processors in their area sent the annual declarations by the dairy farmers with milk delivery quotas.
APIA Milk Quota Department manages the number of quota holders and the quantity of milk they provide or sell directly based on the quota they hold, and no statistics is available on the number of cattle the farmers own.
In its negotiations with the EU, Romania was given the right to put out 3 million tonnes milk per year, 2 tonnes of it for direct selling and 1 million tonnes to be delivered to the milk processing mills. Exceeding this quantity attracts penalties worth 278.3 euros for each milk tonne put out over the quota, and in case it is put out less milk, Romania’s milk quota is curbed in the forthcoming years.
Nevertheless, the milk production quotas grew by 2% in all EU countries starting April 1, 2008. This is important for Romania because it helps with the sector’s rehabilitation, given that almost 300,000 cattle breeding farms will be finished over 2008-2009. In 2006, Romania used to number 1.15 million farms and 1.7 million cows, and over 90% of the farms owned only 1-2 cattle heads, and 163 farms only held more than 100 cattle.

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