SAPARD payments might be resumed after September 15

The SAPARD payments might be resumed in the second half of September, after the approval by the National Fund of the audit report sent last week by the Payment Agency for Rural Development and Fishing (APDRP), adviser on agricultural issues with Romania’s permanent representative with the European Union, Achim Irimescu told on September 8.
The measures on the improvement of shortcomings in the payment system noticed by the European Commission in June have started to be taken ever since, so that the Payment Agency for Rural Development and Fishing could send last week to the National Fund an audit report according to which all the requirements relating to the allotment of payments have been implemented.

The Agency examined also a range of complaints referring to the allotment of higher sums than the initially established and that happened in most cases because of the fluctuations of euro-leu exchange rate. However, some 14,000 euros in total were earmarked above the approved funds.
The sums will be however retrieved.
The European Commission will be informed by the National Fund, the body which acts as competent authority of the SAPARD programme and which is authorized to send assessment and reports top the European Commission’s Directorate General for Agriculture, however, it seems after September 15 the payments within the SAPARD programme will be resumed. The sums blocked through SAPARD stand at some 28 million euros, with 582 payment applications so far totally worth 62 million euros.
Following a mission of regulated monitoring audit of June 2008, the European Commission warned the Romanian authorities, according to standard procedures, of the shortcomings emerged in the system of management and control of SAPARD agency in Romania and called on the Romanian authorities through a note sent on July 9, to draw up a blueprint of measures for the removal of the noticed shortcomings.
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