Engineers, most desired employees

Engineers appear to be the most desired employees on a local plan, according to the study “Talent Shortage Survey 2008” conducted by the consultancy company in Human Resources (HR) Manpower, cited by Business Standard.
Following in the top of the most desired specialists are the project managers, such specialists in information technology and also specialists in architecture. According to the Manpower study, the engineers rank 4th on a global level in the top ten most difficult to cover positions, while the information technology specialists rank 10th.
Madalina Popescu, general manager with the consultancy company in human resources Pluri Consultants Romania explained that the more significant investments in the technology field, as well as the low number of graduates in the same field, resulted in the engineers becoming the most desired specialists on the Romanian labour market.
The deficit in engineers is currently estimated at more than 30,000, while the deficit in such specialists in project management was estimated at 10,000-15,000 people, according to Business Standard, based on a study conducted with the help of specialists in human resources.
“Engineers are among the hardest to find in our industry. And they were in fact, not so long ago, among the losers in Romania, while taking into account the graduates of faculties, having significantly increased a few years ago the number of unemployed people. Nevertheless, many of them oriented themselves to other jobs, becoming real estate agents or entering the banking system. Now, they became very important, being the most desired specialists in Romania”, Mirela Manda, manager of Human Resources with ApaNova, said.
In Romania, most of the project managers work in the information technology field, approx. 80%, but with the highest need being recorded in the construction field.
The architecture sector also registers a high deficit in terms of experienced specialists, with 8,000 employees or active partners operating in the field, among which only 5,000 are actually architects, with the remaining being project designers, structure engineers, or installation designers.
The Romanian engineers, especially the specialists in the oil field, are quite desired by the companies in the field operating in Qatar, Kazakhstan, Nigeria and Yemen, which offer such wages of up to 15,000 euros monthly for employees with experience.
Ariel Ungureanu, project consultant with recruitment company Barnett McCall Tech, the company that develops such recruitment projects for the Middle East said that the most desired specialists in the oil field are such people with experience in drilling or refining. They are appreciated also for the fact that they speak well foreign languages. Their wages might reach 15,000 euros, depending on their studies and specialization.
The Scandinavian region represents another area where Romanian specialists get better wages than in Romania.
In the Scandinavian countries, engineers might earn between 4,000 and 10,000 euros on the oil platforms, with the specialist in information technology to have monthly incomes between 4,1000 and 7,000 euros, and with the qualified workers to get up to 7,000 euros per month.
The small wage engineers get in the country represents, in the opinion of the specialists, the main reason for the graduates of the technical faculties choosing to leave to work abroad or even to change their profession. The wage of a mechanic engineer in Romania stands at some 1,300 euros per month, significantly smaller than in the Western countries, where a mechanic engineer can get a monthly income of up to 4,500 euros.
A mechanic engineer on the local market gains a monthly income half the wage of an engineer in Italy, where the wage for such a position stands at approx. 2,400 euros and almost three times less than in Spain, where a mechanic engineer has a net wage close to 3,000 euros.
According to the representatives of the Continental company, the companies in the car sector find it more and more difficult to find experienced engineers in the car making industry, due to the development of the other sectors too, with one of the most difficult to find specialists being those in software engineering. In the car industry, an engineer can earn, depending on his experience, competencies and specialization, a wage that can vary between 400 and 1,000 euros per month.
The areas where the most significant deficit in terms of specialists was recorded were the Northwestern area of Bucharest and the Bucharest-Ilfov area, where the employment activity in the latest quarter of 2008 stood at 31%, and at 24% respectively.

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