Foreign investments in Romania total 5.8 bln euros in 7 months

The foreign investments in Romania totalled 5.8 billion euros in the 7 months of this year, up by one billion euros on H1, when they amounted to 4.8 billion euros, Economy and Finances Minister Varujan Vosganian announced on September 19.
„When we look at the growth pace of the foreign investments in Romania so far, one may say they would go up to ten billion euros by end-2008”, Vosganian said.

According to a macro-economic analysis conducted by the Romanian Commercial Bank’s (BCR) Research branch, the direct foreign investments this year will go up by 700 million eur os to 7.8 billion euros, with 2009 to see a drop to 7.4 billion euros.
An analysis of the investment structure by national economy sectors shows a rise in the weight of investments made in farming (from 1.6% in the first half of 2007 to 4.8% in this H1) and in industry (from 35.4% in H1 of 2007 to 36.3% in this H1).
Such rises have been accompanied by a dwindled weight of the investments in trade and services of the total investments made in the national economy, which points to the fact that a certain degree of maturity has been reached in this area, after high growth rates posted in the last years.
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