Kidnapping in Egypt: Romanian Foreign Ministry activates a task force

A task force has been activated by the Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE) to deal with the situation regarding a possible kidnapping of a Romanian citizen in Egypt.
If the information regarding the kidnapping of a Romanian citizen in Egypt does not confirm, the task force will be deactivated.
Romania's Embassy in Cairo got in touch with the Egyptian authorities to check if the presence of one Romanian in the group of tourists kidnapped in Egypt confirms.
MAE is taking similar steps to check the information with the task force set up by the Italian authorities.

As many as 15 tourists, among which one Romanian, Germans, Italians and Egyptians have been kidnapped on Monday in Assuan, southern Egypt, official local and diplomatic sources announced, quoted by the international media.
Egyptian Tourism Minister Zoheir Garrana on Monday has said that 15 people have been kidnapped in Assuan (700 kilometers south of Cairo), namely one Romania, five Italians, five Germans and four Egyptians, Reuters reports.
Assuan is host to the famous dam built on the Nile, with the area being visited by many local and foreign tourists.
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