Minister Borbely: „Infrastructure, tourism important to economic growth”

Minister of Development and Public Works Laszlo Borbely said at a news conference in this eastern city on September 18 that both infrastructure and tourism are important to the economic growth of the North East Development Region.
“Infrastructure is important and tourism is equally important. As regards tourism, we support both religious and cultural tourism. There already are projects drawn up in this respect” Borbely said.
The minister announced that as far as the big infrastructure is concerned, the authorities decided to build a trans-Carpathian link between Transylvania and Moldavia by means of a motorway.
“We have decided, in the Government, to build this trans-Carpathian link via a motorway between the cities of Targu Mures and Iasi … I hope in the next years we’ll also build motorways from European funds as well as from other funds attracted by concessions or public-private partnership”, he said.

Borbely visited Iasi on September 18 alongside European Commissioner for Regional Policy Danuta Hubner in order to take part in the talks on the strategy for economic growth and jobs and the innovation in the Romanian North East Region, which is considered on of Romania’s poorest.
Attending the debates were chairman of the Council of North East Regional Development Gheorghe Flutur, Director of the North East Regional Development Agency Constantin Apostol and State Secretary at the Economy and Finances Ministry Eugen Teodorescu.
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