President Basescu invites large companies to invest in Romanian intelligence

Romania’s President Traian Basescu on September 18 called on large foreign companies to walk into the footsteps of Renault and Oracle and invest in Romania’s intelligence.
Basescu attended the opening of a Renault technical centre at Titu, Dambovita County.
In his speech to the opening ceremony, President Basescu pointed out that Renault’s investment in Romania was one of the success stories of the transition times in Romania.
“Renault’s investment in Romania will be one of the highly successful achievements in the industrial future of Romania. The investment has already reached 1.4 billion euros and it is scheduled to reach 2.2 billion euro at the close of 2010”, he said.
He also mentioned that the opening of the centre at Titu is in fact the close of a chain.
“Romania is benefiting from Renault investments in a complete chain: research, production and distribution. If we take a look at today’s automotive industry, we will see that nobody ever raises the question of competition among neighbour countries. Renualt, Dacia included, are in a global competition in which continuing to be competitive is the only chance of securing a place in the market”, said Basescu.
He mentioned that what Renault decided to do in Romania is guarantee to the fact that the Dacia factory of Pitesti will continue to be an important player on both the local and the external automotive markets.
Basescu said the 2007’s production of 230,000 automobiles went to Europe, 80,000 of which to France and 60,000 to Germany.
According to the president, this is proof to Dacia-Renault having turned into a competitive company.
“Competition cannot be sustained with cash alone, but it should also be backed up by intelligence.
Today, the notion of automobile involves the idea of increased comfort and safety, and the automobile is the most seriously affected by the competition started off worldwide to diminish pollution levels. What is happening with Renault Technologie Romania (RTI) is exactly what warrants us that the automobiles made in Romania will be able to cope with such competition”, said Basescu.
“What is happening today is but a piece of what RTI is all about. There are 1,300 engineers working in Bucharest, and 70 more in Pitesti taking care of assistance, but in three years’ time there will be 3,000 engineers”, the President said.
He mentioned that this closes the competence circle of the Renault-Dacia Group in Romania.
Basescu also remarked that the Renault investment was made in a responsible way and in respect to Romania.
“There is only one such case in which Romania is treated through the lenses of intelligence capacity, namely the Oracle Research Centre of Bucharest. The Oracle centre in Romania has turned into the largest such centre outside the US. Today we are talking about the largest automobile research centre of France outside France. I am urging the large companies to follow into the footsteps of the two giants that have confidence in Romanian intelligence. Besides good labour and good qualifications, Romania also offers a precious thing, which is intelligence”, said Basescu.
He said the Renault’s investment offered the opportunity of confirming once again that Romanian intelligence measures up to high standards, has potentials to generate ideas, innovation, fantasy and solutions, all of which secures a place for Romania in the world automotive competition.

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