Press review (Sept 22)

The Romanian daily papers on Monday carry reports on plans announced by Economy and Finances Minister Varujan Vosganian to back the capital market and the Stock Exchange rises recorded at the end of last week; an INSOMAR survey of the Romanians' approval of politicians and political parties; the opposition Democratic Liberal Party's intention to propose that the Romanian parliament be turned into a single-house one; Romania's win over India in the Davis Cup World Group matches.
Economy and Finances Minister Varujan Vosganian says he is willing to take any measures in order to back the capital market, on condition that such measures be in accordance with the European norms, Ziarul financiar reports.
Economy ministry officials discussed with the representatives of the capital market so as to initiate a range of actions meant to back the Stock Exchange, with such measures being fiscal only.
The Bucharest Stock Exchange recorded historic growths on Friday, in keeping with the world's big markets, amid "rescue" plans announced by the United States, the Business Standard daily reports.
Most of the big shares on the Stock Exchange, such as the Financial Investment Companies (SIFs), the Romanian Bank for Development (BRD) and utility companies Transgaz and Transelectrica jumped by more than 14% on Friday, which is close to the maximum admitted level on a trading day.
The brokers say that any measure the state is preparing in order to "rescue" the Stock Exchange is a good one, adding the impact of the measures during this period will be low, since now it is the events in the foreign markets that count most.
Romania libera daily carries the results of an INSOMAR survey conducted in mid-September, i.e. two months ahead of the general elections; according to the poll, the opposition Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) ranks first in the voters' options with 39%, being followed by the opposition Social Democrats (PSD) with 25% and the ruling National Liberals (PNL) with 20%.
Trailing behind them are the opposition Greater Romania Party (PRM) and the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR, a junior ruling coalition partner) each with 4%. The non-parliamentary New Generation Party (PNG) is seen getting 3%, while the Conservatives would get 1%.
When compared to a similar survey made public in this July, the PD-L has gained 1%, the PSD has lost 2% and the PNL has won 4%.
The surveyed said they mostly approve of PD-L's Theodor Stolojan for Prime Minister, at 41%. Social Democrat chairman Mircea Geoana enjoys a higher approval than his party, at 33%, while Prime Minister Calin Popescu-Tariceanu garners 26%, which is also a higher percentage than his party got.
Some 48% of the Romanians are satisfied with President Traian Basescu's showing, while 33% say they approve of the Government's activity. Moreover, 71% of the respondents say they do not care about the political colour of the governance, as long as the Executive is efficient.
The poll also shows that 84% of the Romanians eligible to vote want their country to stay a republic, while 96% want the president to keep on being elected by the people's direct vote.
The Democratic Liberals want a single-house parliament in 2012, Ziua and Romania libera report. The party leader Emil Boc announced on Sunday he would propose at a meeting of the party leadership on Monday that the constitution be reviewed so that parliament be cut to one house, while also reducing the number of MPs. The PD-L will start a campaign for the collection of signatures to back the move. Romania libera adds, however, that "Boc's single-house parliament is rejected by all the parliamentary parties".
"Romania defeated India 4-1 in the Davis Cup World Group matches, thus delivering on its status of top-seed in the matches", Romania libera announces.
The PSD offers 20,000 euros to each Romanian willing to come back home for work, Ziua reports. "20,000 euros for each Romanian who returns home and 60% state subsidy of the loan taken to start a business are but two of the promises made by Social Democrat leader Mircea Geoana in front of the Romanians in Milan, Italy", the daily writes.
The banks' thirst for the national leu currency has pushed the interest rates to deposits up to 11%, Ziarul financiar reports. The banks paid average interest rates at nearly 11% in order to draw longer-than-a-month leu deposits from the population, show the central bank's July statistic figures. This is the highest level recorded in the last years, with the interests offered by the banks having significantly outstripped the National Bank's key interest of 10.25% per annum.
This compares to such interest rates paid by the banks in last July as 6.2 to 7% a year to the term deposits, while the National Bank's key interest was 7% per annum, the daily adds.
The big cement makers are preparing nearly one billion euros worth of investments to build the first factories from scratch, Ziarul financiar announces.
The Bucharest residents celebrated their city's 549th anniversary at the weekend, the print media reports. It was then that the Romanian capital was recorded in documents for the first time.
"Various artistic and entertainment events were held Saturday night in the capital, with the highlight being Bryan Adams' gig and laser shows", the Cotidianul reports.

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