Romania remains leader in EUs construction sector in July

Romania recorded in July 2008, for the 5th consecutive month, the biggest annual growth in the construction sector (28.4%) in the EU (UE27), followed by Slovenia (17.9%) and Bulgaria (16.4%), according to the data made public on September 17 by the European Statistics Office (Eurostat).
In the case of Romania, the annual growth of 28.4% recorded in July 2008 comes after 36.4% growth in June, 20.3% growth in May, 31.4% in April and 31.6% in March 2008.

In the EU, the construction works recorded in July 2008 a decline of 1.5% year on year. In the eurozone, a drop of 3.3% was recorded.
In the case of Romania, according to the data presented recently by the National Statistics Institute (INS), the services and construction sector had the biggest contribution to the record growth of 8.8% of GDP in H1.
The contribution of services stood at 3.8% and the contribution of construction stood at 2.2%. In the analysed period, the activity in the construction sector rose 33.3% and the added value in services rose by 7.6%.In the formation of GDP, services have a share of 49.5%, industry – 26.5%, taxes – 12.3%, constructions – 8.1% and agriculture – 3.6%. According to INS, the share of constructions in GDP has a tendency of continual growth, bigger since 2006 and up 50% in H1 2008 against the 2002-2007 period.
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