„Romania to record an economic growth between 5 and 6% until 2014-2015”, says Vosganian

Romania is to record, until 2014-2015, an economic growth between 5 and 6%, stated on September 19 Minister of Economy and Finance Varujan Vosganian.
“From our calculation at the Ministry of Finance results that, up to 2014-2015, Romania will have a healthy economic growth, between 5-6% and it is expected to double its current Gross Domestic Product (GDP)”, stressed Vosganian.
He says that Romania has all the chances to reach in 2012 at a GDP of 12,000 euros per capita, under conditions in which this year the GDP is estimated at 6,500 euros/capita.
“GDP growth per capita in just eight years, from 2,800 euros per capita in 2004 to almost
12,000 in 2012 or from 1,000 dollars in 2000 is, in my opinion, an amazing jump”, noted Vosganian.
He signalled the fact that Romania might become the seventh economic power in the European Union starting with the third decade of this century, in GDP terms.

“Romania’s GDP could amount at 240-250 billion euros in 2012 and at 450-480 billion euros in2020", added the Minister of Economy and Finance.
Romania has entered, starting with September 2008, in the tenth consecutive year of economic growth, Romania’s pace being six times higher than the average growth rate in the EU. The average economic growth rate, over 2005-2007, stood at 6%.
According to the Minister of Economy and Finance, in the first half of 2008, GDP growth stood at 8.8%, an absolute record after 1990, Romania’s economy having the chance to grow by some 9% in 2008, according to the National Prognosis Commission estimations.
Romania’s GDP will attain in 2008 some 140 billion euros, according to estimations, exceeding 2.4 times the value in 2004, when its GDP stood at 60.8 billion euros.
The Minister of Economy participates in the seminar “Romanian economy, prospects for year 2009”, organized over September 18-19 in Cap Aurora (the Black Sea coast).
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