Tariceanu: „November vote to decide Romania’s future”

President of National Liberal Party (PNL, at rule) Premier Calin Popescu-Tariceanu stated on Monday that the future electoral campaign for the parliamentary elections will be a "crucial" confrontation between the right represented by Liberals and the left – by Social-Democrats.
"In the coming 2 months, we expect a crucial confrontation between the right and the left… The electoral campaign should not become a match of box… Confrontation is not between personalities, but between the left and right-wing, between the Social Democrat Party (PSD, in opposition) and PNL, between the values and principles of the right and what our Socialists think they have the best, between the future and the past", said Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, on the occasion of a ceremony of launching PNL candidates for the November poll.

He voiced conviction that PNL can win parliamentary elections in the autumn and asked his Liberal colleagues not to be shy, but to present their achievements to the people, as well as to recognize own mistakes and be active.
"I am glad that PNL has become a political force of reference in Romania. PNL promotes a proud and prosper Romania…. PNL was the first party which gave the necessary impetus to its members to stand on own legs. I further count on your activity because we still have a lot to do for Romania", pointed out Calin Popescu-Tariceanu.
He reminded that, at present, Romania ranks first in Europe as for its economic growth and, this year, Romania will have the highest economic growth in its modern history.
The political arena is divided nowadays in two: the right, represented by PNL and the left, by PSD, said Tariceanu. "2 parties, two visions upon the future. A sole right-wing party – PNL and a sole left-wing one – which through successive names is now PSD", explained Tariceanu.
In his opinion, the difference between the two political formations is Romania: "Liberal Romania is an European one, which offers opportunities to the active people, left-wing Romania is not secure and lives in the past".
"Either Romania is following a right-wing programme, or a left-wing one, which is to shatter the economy and we will return the people in the past…. In case PSD will come to power, it will hike taxes, will eliminate the flat tax, so that it can get all the money needed to cover certain promises", brought Tariceanu criticism.
According to PNL leader, the vote Romanians will cast on November 30 will decide Romania's future.
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