Vosganian: „Employees number rises by almost 600,000 over 2005-2008”

Romania registered in the three 2005-2008 governance years a rise in the number of employees of almost 600,000 compared to a reduction of the average number of employees by 154,000 over 2001-2004, announced on September 17 Minister of Economy and Finance Varujan Vosganian.

“The unemployment rate shows the lowest level after 1990, respectively 3.8% in June 2008 from 6.3% in December 2004. We can even say that Romania has no unemployed because in some counties the rate is almost 0”, said Vosganian. He stressed that state intervention is eliminated since 2005 as for the debts exemption or restructuring, arrears being also reduced to 0.
“For the first time in 2007 the number of employees exceeded the number of retirees, which allowed us to raise pensions and reduce the unemployment”, Minister of Economy and Finance also said.
The number of unemployed registered in August stood at 345,510 compared to 340,462 in July.
In 2008, the highest unemployment rate appeared in January – 4.3%, with 383,989
registered unemployed.
The National Prognosis Commission estimated for 2008 a number of 634,000 unemployed at a total of 6.278 million employees.
Minister Varujan Vosganian participated on Wednesday, at Victoria Palace (Government’s headquarters), in the presentation of the Report on the fulfilment of pledges contained in the Governance programme assumed in 2004.
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