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AVAS prolongs validity of Avioane Craiova offer till Sept 29

National Authority for State Assets Recovery (AVAS) prolonged till September 29 the validity of the offer for Avioane Craiova aircraft maker (south), according to a release of the body.
According to AVAS, the decision to prolong by 15 days the validity of the offer for the sale of the Romanian plane maker was taken so as to support the completion of the negotiation with the winner of the tender, which was the Czech company AERO Vodochody.
The Law No 137/2002 stipulates that the public body involved in a privatisation process can prolong successively, by maximum 30 days each time, with the final delay not to exceed 180 days, the validity term of the sale offer.
Besides the company from the Czech Republic, there also submitted offers Alenia Aeronautica SA from Italy and SC INAV SA Bucharest.

The improved offer submitted by the Czech investor stood at 16.327 million euros. AERO Vodochody offers 4.114 million euros for the share package of the Romanian aircraft maker (80.97% of the share capital), 8.883 million euros representing investments in company development in the next five years, 3.30 million euro representing working capital for the next six months starting from the transfer of the ownership and 30,000 euros representing investments in the environment protection in the first year since the taking over.
Avioane Craiova was set up back in 1972, with its main field of activity being the making and repairing of planes. The company is the single military aircraft maker in Romania and also the single maker of the plane IAR 99 SOIM used for training, which meets the relevant NATO standards.
Avioane Craiova produces also subassemblies and equipment for the civil aviation meeting the SR EN ISO 9001 standards and also with the AEROQ, OMCAS, AACR and AFER certifications.
The company has the PART 21 authorization, for its spare parts and structural subassemblies for the civil aviation.

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