Govt approves strategy for restructuring of Romanian Post

Gov’t approved, on September 18y, a strategy for the restructuring of Romanian Post national company (CNPR), with a view to its privatization.
The strategy is aimed at competitively positioning CNPR on the market segments with growth potential, at launching new, innovative products, at making activities more efficient, and cutting costs.
The restructuring strategy is focused on 2 major directions.
Strategic restructuring measures are aimed at increasing the competitiveness of CNPR, at access to segments with growth potential, for ensuring long-lasting development and profitability, at increased attractiveness of the company, for privatization.
A second direction, of operational restructuring, targets to make activities efficient and cut costs.
The strategy will be applied over 2008-2012.
CNPR is the national supplier of postal services, it also is the body in charge of fulfilling the duties resulting from Romania’s joining the Universal Postal Union.
The Romanian state is the owner of the Romanian Post, the Ministry of Communications and IT holds almost 75% of its shares, and Proprietatea (Property) Fund, the remaining 25%.
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