Revenues of IT distributors up to over 730m euros

The leading players on the local IT distribution market derived cumulated revenues worth around 732.8 million euros in 2007, up by over 26% from the previous year, when they collected around 579.4 million euros, according to data published on the website of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.
Although this market segment ranks right below the telecom sector, which generates the highest revenues and the biggest profits, margins in the distribution sector are among the lowest in the industry. Compared with 2006, last year brought major changes to the ranking of the Romanian distribution market, with Scop Computers, a member of the Scop group, climbing 2 positions, to the top of the ranking.
The company posted 97.1 million euros in revenues and a net profit worth 3.1 million euros, up from the 0.5 million euros reported in 2006. Therefore, the profit margin was up from 0.7% to 3%, making Scop Computers one of the most profitable in the sector.
Tornado Sistems, former market leader, fell to number 2, with revenues worth over 3 million euros less than those of Scop Computers. Tornado’s revenues climbed slower than the market average. They were up 16%, to 93.3 million euros, against the 80.6 million euros reported in 2006.

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