Romanian Lottery assessed at 36m euros

The Romanian Lottery brand was appraised at 36 million euros, a value which places it on the first place in Romania and the 694 th place in a European ranking which includes over 3,000 brands, presented by the European Brand Institute in Vienna.
Compared to last year, the brand of Romania’s the biggest gambling companies, held by the state, gained one million euros in terms of value and went up 64 positions in the general ranking.
The value of the first ten brands in Romania totals this year 88 million euros, with 2 million euros more than last year. The survey does not nominate the following brands after the Lottery, but mentions that the brands in the gambling field, utilities and industry are well represented, whereas the brands from financial services, IT and automotive have growth potential.

The value of the Romanian Lottery brands is over 100 times lower than of the brand leader in the European ranking, namely Nokia, appraised at 38.283 billion euros.
In Most East-European countries the first place in the ranking of most valuable brands is held by state-owned companies In Bulgaria, for instance, the first place is held by Nek, the brand of the company of utilities held by the state assessed this year at 77 million euros, compared to 74 million euros last year), the aforementioned source reports.
Authors of the survey show that the countries of Eastern Europe are dominated by corporations with international brands, the national brands having limited presence.
For the drawing up of the survey, the Vienna-based European Brand Institute examined over 3,000 brands of 24 states and 16 industries.
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