Altex estimates trebling of laptop sales in 2008

Retailer of electronic and home appliances Altex Romania estimates it will treble sales in laptops in 2008 from 20,000 units one year ago to 60,000 units this year, president and CEO of Altex Romania, Dan Ostahie announced on September 18 in a news conference.

‘’For 2009 we estimate a rise in this segment, but not as high as this year, however, we expect doubling of sales, at least, next year, too,‘’ said Dan Ostahie.
According to the aforementioned source, the company aims to provide Romanians high
technology products at the lowest prices so that they give up the acquisition of IT equipment in the on-line system for the simple reason they are cheaper.
According to Altex, the prices of laptops in 2008 went down by some 30% compared to 2007, the trend of price cut being expected to continue in 2009. The cuts will be on overage of 10%.
After the first 6 months of 2008, Altex Romania announced a rise in turnover by 47% compared to the same period of the previous year, respectively 170 million euros. The selling area at the end of H1 was of 92,500 square metres.
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