Budget rectification to inject money in priority fields

Romanian Government discussed on September 18, on the budget rectification and also on such resources at the disposal of the Government to supplement funds devoted to certain fields of activity, Romanian Prime Minister Calin Popescu-Tariceanu announced on Thursday at the Victoria Palace.
The Romanian head of the Executive announced thus the Ministry of Interior and Administration Reform (MIRA) is to get a supplement worth 200 million lei to fuel subsidies to be granted for thermal energy produced in a centralized system.
Supplementary amounts will also reach the Ministry of Labour, Social Solidarity and Family, with the money to be used here to pay the increased pensions to farmers and also to pay certain social services, and the Justice Ministry to pay the increased wages the prosecutors and judges won in court.
The Ministry of Agriculture will also receive extra funds worth 600 million lei to pay certain subsidies to farmers.

Romanian Minister of Economy Varujan Vosganian explained in his turn the Government allotted funds, on the occasion of this budget rectification, to certain fields of activities considered as proprieties.
The Minister of Transportation is also to be allotted supplementary funds worth more than 100 million euros, with the money to be injected in large infrastructure projects in the Bucharest-Brasov area (central Romania) and also along the capital’s ring road.
Moreover, the Ministry of Public Works is to get 50 million lei to deal with the effects of the floods, with the Environment Ministry to be allotted 30 million lei.
In terms of infrastructure, there are to be allotted 370 million lei for the rebuilding of the county roads.
According to Vosganian, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to be given 70 million lei to pay the wages of the diplomats and also 15 million to open new consulates in such areas where needed.
The Minister of Economy also added 250 million lei will be granted for compensations in the case of such buildings won in court by former owners, deprived by the communist regime, and also to the victims of the deportations.
Such amounts, reaching more than 6 billion lei, are to be covered, according to Vosganian, from supplementary revenues to the state budget, the result of the economic growth of the country.
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