Export of Romanian ecological products to rise over 20% in 2008

Exports of Romanian ecological products will increase over 20%, this year, the main products exported are cereals, honey and cheeses, said, on September 13, Teodora Aldescu, adviser for ecological farming with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR).
„This year, exports will rise over 20%, last year, they stood at 60 million euros”, Aldescu explained.
She added that the area cultivated with ecological products would reach 200,000 ha, compared with 190,000 ha in 2007.
The main exported products are fodder, cereals, oleaginous plants, honey (over 60% of the Romanian ecological honey goes to export), and processed products from milk.
„Of late, we have started to export also technical plants, and some meat processors begin to make exports”, said Aldescu.
Currently, consumption of ecological products in Romania stands at around 2% of the total consumption of foodstuff, while in Germany it exceeds 10%. Ecological products are between 20 and 40% more expensive than conventional products.
In 2007, as many as 3,834 operators in ecological farming were registered with MADR, compared with 3,409 in 2006, and, in 2008, there will be more than 4,000.
The „ea” mark, for „ecological agriculture” is currently used by 64 operators. As of Jan 1, 2009, the European mark for ecological products will be mandatory, the national one will remain optional.

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