Most expensive cars that can be bought in Romania

The most expensive cars that can be bought on the domestic market are from the Mercedes-Benz range, which is also the best-sold premium brand. They are Maybach 625, whose basic price is of 523,838 euros (with VAT) and Mercedes-Benz SLR Roadster (493,850 euros, with VAT).
Of the 10 car models in a top of the most expensive cars in Romania seven are sold by Mercedes-Benz and its luxury division Maybach, whereas Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Ferrari have just one model alone in this top, compiled by Bucharest daily Ziarul financiar.
Other centralized data by the said newspaper show that amid the most expensive available cars in Romania there is a Lamborghini Reventon, in the value of approximately 1.5 million euros or Wiesmann models, at a cost of some 200,000 euros each, but they are purchased from dealers in Western Europe.
In the first seven months of the year, 2 of the five most expensive cars delivered by importers on the domestic market are Ferrari brand, whereas three are Mercedes-Benz.

Forza Rossa, Ferrari importer on the local market, delivered at the end of July the first Scaglietti 612 „One to One” model, in a limited edition. This model is priced starting from 225,000 euros without VAT, under conditions in which Scaglietti 612 range bears a starting price of 197,000 euros, this being the most expensive Ferrari model in fabrication. The delivered model price rose to 320,000 euros, with VAT included.
The cheapest car in Top 10, as well as the most expensive are Mercedes-Benz, the last one being an CL65 AMG model to be delivered in July this year at a price of some 290,000 euros.
The longest time till delivery is not for the most expensive model, but for Bentley Brooklands, whose price is more than 351,000 euros with VAT included, ranking seventh in the top. „One must wait between six months and a year for a Bentley Brooklands. Given that, currently, Romania has already a unit allocated, for the second the waiting time could even reach one year”, said Adrian Pascu, brand director of Bentley with Porsche Romania, VW-Audi group brands importer on the domestic market.
According to the newspaper, the shortest delivery time is for the cars in the bottom third of the top of the most expensive cars. For instance, for a Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG or a SL65 AMG, in client personalized versions, one has to wait four months, whereas a unit in stock can be purchased immediately from the brand’s showroom, even though their number is limited.
Apart of the models ranked ninth and tenth (Mercedes CL 65 AMG and Mercedes SL 65 AMG), the other cars are delivered to Romania only based on orders.
If one takes into account the unofficial luxury car imports, both new and second-hand ones, in the first seven months of the year almost 500 such cars were imported on the local market, according to official statistics and their total value is of more than 52 million euros, the aforementioned daily reports.
Of them, more than half, more precisely 275 cars were second-hand.
Last year, imports of luxury brands such as Porsche, Ferrari and Rolls Royce attained a level of more than 530 units, similar to the one in the first 7 months of the year.
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