National Bank of Romania manages 100 billion lei in foreign assets at end-July

The National Bank of Romania (BNR) managed foreign assets worth 101,999,300,000 lei (RON) at the end of July, of which the value of money-related gold was 6,872,000,000 RON, show figures released by the BNR on its Web site.
The SDR available at the IMF totalled 289,000,000 RON, while loans amounted to 73,638,000,000 RON.
Securities (other than shares) totalled 73,638,000 RON, while shares and other capital
shareholdings held by the BNR amounted to 4,054,000,000 RON.
Domestic assets were worth a total 2,429,000,000 RON on July 31, of which the cash and valuables were worth 10,000,000 RON and loans 11,000,000 RON. The fixed assets amounted to 1,316,000,000 RON, while the other assets stood at 1,088,000,000 RON.
The central bank’s liabilities totalled 101,999,000,000 RON, of which the SDR allotments at the IMF amounted to 291,000,000 RON, the foreign exchange deposits were worth 4,059,000,000 RON, and the leu deposits 33,300,000 RON.
The domestic liabilities stood at 97,615,000,000 RON, of which the money issue was
27,743,000,000. RON. The overnight deposits totalled 71,068,000,000 RON at the end of this July, while the term deposits amounted to 1,900,000 RON. The BNR recorded a deficit of 1,434,000,000 RON on capital and reserves.

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