ProVision Group, 7 mln euros in turnover from IT security

Romanian distributor of information security solutions and services ProVision posted last year a turnover of 7.5 million euros, of which 5 million euros were generated on the segment of information security, reuniting distribution divisions with added value, professional and specialized training services.
This year the company could run business of some 10 million euros and might become the target of an acquisition whose value would reach 8-10 million euros, Ziarul financiar daily reads on September 17.
According to the source, the likely buyers might include American Arrow Group, one of the largest electronics distributors in the world, but Alexandru Andriescu, CEO and sole shareholder of ProVision Group, did not like to either infirm or confirm the transaction, stressing that he received several offers yet to be examined.
„It is normal that at this moment of IT development in Romania leaders on various market segments become targets of such proposals. We take into account several such offers, but we prefer to rather consider them as ways of speeding up the business, above the performance we use to achieve”, said Andriescu.
Referring to the future of his company, Andriescu said that he plans to continue the current business line. „Moreover, he said, our desire is to expand on a few markets around Romania and on some adjacent segments because the information security represents a pretty limited niche”.
Set up in 1997 under the name ProVision Software Division, the company had last year some 65 employees. At present their number is of 75.
„We do not have a spectacular evolution, but the pace is of a natural business growth, also sustained by an increase in the staff zone. Because the specialists are one of the major competitive advantages of the company, we invest quite a lot of profit in the competence development and also in the employees’ certification”, explained the company official.
Alongside distribution with added value of information security technologies that, last year, generated more than 65% of the revenues, another business line is represented by the IT/Multimedia distribution.

„The market is more diversified and the business is very dynamic. But we succeeded to consolidate a firm distribution channel for various products – memory cards, digital ram photos, accessories, cables, MP3 players, PDAs, home cinema systems, notebooks and LCD TV sets”, explained Andriescu.
He underlined that ProVision cooperates on this segment with the big retailers and with the specialized distribution networks, but most of the time it does not enter competition with the big component and system distributors.
„Under these conditions we also wish a rise in profit, mainly based on the optimization of the activity, on the recursive business and on the growth of sales team’s experience, factors allowing us to keep on a reasonable margin in several projects”, said Andriescu.
As for the security market, the ProVision head appreciates that the market must be approached in a gradual way. „There are various growth paces and various tendencies on the market segments”.
For instance, the telecommunications segment, which for many years has been the most important client from the point of view of IT and information security acquisitions, is passing through a period of IT processes, of network infrastructures and of security consolidation. „A big interest is raised now by management solutions, of unification…. At the opposite pole there is the public sector.
Once the country entered EU, these organizations have now access to substantial financing. For them, a priority is to develop strategies of filling the gap between them and similar organizations in other countries”, said Andriescu.
According to data published by the Ministry of Finance, ProVision concluded last year with a net profit of 36,700 euros. A year ago, the net profit declared to Finance stood at some 13,000 euros.
ProVision distributes in Romania products of the following companies: Check Point, McAfee, Juniper Networks, Websense, ArcSight, Qualys and Blue Coat, being sole authorized distributor for the majority of technologies.
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