Romanians life speed increases sales of home delivery restaurants

A few years ago the businessmen opening a restaurant that was solely meant for home delivery could be counted on fingers. The tradition of the home cooked meals was extremely important, but the high life speed led to the development of the catering companies, of the ones exclusively making home deliveries as well as of the restaurants having the take-away service.
The demand also led to the diversification of the supply and to the appearance of some restaurants serving Japanese, Chinese or Lebanese food.
Nine years ago, when the first Wu Xing restaurant was opened, on the Bucharest market there was no other supplier of exclusive home delivery for the Chinese food. „This is why the service created by us was used by an impressive number of customers from the very beginning. Wu Xing kept its leading position even after the market started to fill,” the representatives of the abovementioned company told daily Ziarul Financiar.
In 2007 the deliveries of the company generated more than 1.5 million euros. „For 2008 we predict a 70% increase in the total turnover, up to the threshold of 2.55 million euros against the background of the growing number of customers and the extension of the production capacity.
Very few people still have time enough to spend in the kitchen and cook and we offer them the possibility to use their time for other activities,” added the Wu Xing representatives.
They also said that the largest share of the people resorting to the Wu Xing services went to the natural persons having incomes higher than average, aged between 25 and 45, „persons who are open to what is new, inclined to eating pleasures, who do not reject the idea of trying some different cuisines.”
As for the way to deliver food, the company has created a pool of 33 motor vehicles and 4 scooters, which distribute food in Bucharest.
The pizza restaurants that developed their home delivery service benefit by an about 50% growth of the turnover.

The restaurants having important market shares did not omit the home delivery services either, especially after the sudden increase in the number of office blocks. „At present the home delivery service accounts for 15 precent of the total sales, but we intend to hit 30-40%. By the end of the year it will surely be 25%,” said the representatives of the La Mama restaurants.
The company mentioned before estimates it would run business worth 12 million euros, 50% higher than last year. Players in industry say that nationwide the market has the same expanding trend following the intensification of the life speed and of the necessity to turn to account one’s time as efficiently as possible.
Dragos Petrescu, the owner of the chain of the City Grill restaurants, said that he only developed a professional home delivery service for the companies or the customers living near his restaurants.
„We have a project we are working on, but when we start, we shall have a special unit, a big hall solely for home delivery production, we shall have special cars, mobile kitchens. If it is conceived like that, the home delivery division might exceed the turnover of the restaurants and our intention is that, in the future, we should concentrate on big companies, on business centres, industrial parks, by creating some local kitchens from where we shall make deliveries,” added Petrescu.
According to the above-mentioned newspaper, the growth of the population’s purchasing power, Romania’s integration into the European market and the acceptance of the western standards of living are factors to encourage the continuous development of the market of home delivery services.
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