Romaqua – sales of 10 million euros in first 8 months

Romaqua group posted in the first 8 months this year sales of some 100 million euros, a value similar with the turnover reported for the entire year 2007.
„We registered in the first eight months this year 92% of the production in 2007. We estimate a rise in volume of 35-40% in 2008, compared with 2007”, said for Business Standard PR manager of Romaqua group Mihaela Draghici.
The estimates of the company regarding sales show an advance of 50% this year compared with 2007. The business of the group could reach 150 million euros in end 2008.
The growth in Romaqua’s business comes against the background of the rise in sales of mineral water and juices, but also of the entry of the company in the beer market, with Albacher brand. At the end of June, the group opened a brewery, located close to Sebes, Alba County, following investment of some 40 million euros.
The project was partially financed through a credit worth 30 million euros, from the Romanian Commercial Bank, BCR. This year, the group’s shareholders have approved the outsourcing of two credits, worth a total of 75.5 million euros, from BCR to Erste Bank Vienna, the major shareholder of the Romanian bank.

According to statements by officials of the group, Romaqua targets a market share of 4-5% in the first year since the launch of Albacher beer. The shareholders could increase investment in the brewery in Alba to 60 million euros. Juices can also be made in this location, in the coming years.
Romaqua’s portfolio currently includes the mineral waters Borsec, Stanceni, Aquatique, the soft drinks Giusto, Quick Cola, Brifcor and Metropolitian coffee.
Borsec mineral water has brought Romaqua group the first position in the relevant local market, where it currently holds a share of over 20%.
Last year, the company bottled around 300 million of liters of water, according to data from the National Company of Mineral Waters (SNAM).
Next year, Romaqua intends to launch on the market the fourth mineral water brand in its portfolio, it is currently making investment in that.
Romaqua is under the control of businessman Octavian Cretu, who has become this year the majority shareholder of the group, with 60%.
Cretu and Nicolae Palfi, the second biggest shareholder of the group, hold 90% of the shares of the group, the rest is divided between several people, Romaqua employees among them.
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