Romportnet Galati posts H1 turnover in excess of 27 million lei

The port operator Romportmet Galati (eastern Romania) posted H1 2008 turnover of 27.2 million lei (7.7 million euro), down 15.68% versus H1 2007 turnover of 32.3 million lei (9.1 million euro).
In H1 2008 the company posted a profit of 8.25 million lei (2.2 million euro), down 60% versus 20.66 million lei (5.7 million euro) in H1 2007, due to the increase in expenditures and reduction in revenues.
Romportment Galati deals with port services: merchandise loading, unloading and storage, the Bursa daily writes on September 19.

According to the latest reports, Mittal Steel Holdings controls 83.71% in the port operator. Other shareholder is Sidex Trading Galati, with 11.5%.
The firm was set up in March 1991, following the reorganization of Navrom Galati. Mittal Steel bought the majority stake in the firm in September 2005 from the investment fund Broadhrust for 47 million dollars (34,5 million euro).
Mittal Steel also holds in Romania the steel-making plants Mittal Steel Roman (north-east), Mittal Steel Galati, Mittal Steel Iasi (north-east) and Mittal Steel Hunedoara (centre).
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