SDC turnover jumps 108 pc in H1

Turnover of Software Development & Consulting SRL (SDC, one of the most important technology integrators on the IT market in Romania), exceeded 3.2 million dollars in the first half of 2008, a surge of 108% compared to the same period in 2007", SDC informs in a release.
The strategy adopted by SDC, starting with 2006, has been based on the „key solutions” concept. According to it, SDC is seeking the integration of some major projects based on complex software solutions meant to reduce clients’ costs through optimisation of the activity processes in various fields.

SDC expanded its operational area by opening two new offices in the territory, in Alba Iulia (center), respectively Arad (west). These are just the first steps in the company’s expansion plans nationally and regionally through the steady growth of the number of SDC employees, aimed at consolidating the current teams, boosting efficiency and execution speed in line with clients’ expectations.
„H1 results come as a confirmation of a 100% increase in 2007, when SDC reported a turnover of five million dollars”, stated Mihai Popescu, SDC director general.
„We are extremely satisfied with the very strong growth in the own services and solutions zone, more than triple as against last year. Our eDoc product and the document management divisions, as well as ERP, have gained new significant clients in the telecommunications and governmental fields. We are convinced that we will be able to attain the objective of 10 million dollars in 2008, based on the investments made in infrastructure and in the human resources, in project portfolio and due to market’s evolution in the second half of 2008", he added.
SDC is a company with integral Romanian capital and has a vast professional experience in the development and implementation of software solutions, in offering consultancy services, specialty training, cost management training and training in the field of information and resources management.
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