Sortilemn anticipates 48 million euro turnover by 2011

Sortilemn, one of the leading furniture manufacturers on the local market and a supplier for the IKEA group, intends to see an annual 10% turnover growth over the next 3 years.
According to Sortilemn estimates, the company will reach sales worth 48 million euros by the end of 2011. Last year, the company based in Gherla, Cluj County (central Romania), posted a 36 million euro turnover, while for this year, Sortilemn’s management expects a similar turnover growth rate.
„Our cooperation with IKEA is an advantage for us amid a declining furniture market, a trend influenced by the economic situation in Eastern Europe. I think this trend will continue into next year, while the market will begin to grow again starting in 2010,” said Michael Brandhuber, Sortilemn’s general manager.
According to the Sortilemn representative, the furniture market in Germany, France and the UK is in decline, while the best markets for businesses involving furniture are currently the Dutch and the Scandinavian markets.
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