Calin Popescu Tariceanu: The application of the Lisbon Strategy is vital to Romania

Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu believes a vital objective for the Romanian authorities should be the implementation of the action plan for the application of the Lisbon Strategy, as Romania has to meet the requirements of the European Union by developing a competitive knowledge-based economy.
„In order to obtain viable measures and measurable progress markers, we have decided in 2008 to draw up a an action plan of additional measures for achieving the objectives of the National Reform Plan. The Government believes the implementation of the action plan is vital, because Romania will have to meet the EU challenges by developing a competitive knowledge-based economy,” Tariceanu told a meeting on September 15 in Bucharest on the application of the national reform plan according to the priorities of the Lisbon Strategy. Also attending was European Commissioner for Multilingualism Leonard Orban.
Tariceanu said the action plan of additional measures was approved by all the government members and the social partners, which in his opinions makes it possible for Romania to achieve the objectives set forth by the Lisbon Strategy.
„The plan comprises actions and clear-cut responsibilities that take into account the recommendations of the European Commission in six sections,” Tariceanu explained.

He also mentioned the establishment in May 2008 of the Lisbon Board at the level of state secretaries for the new 2008-2010 cycle in the implementation of the Lisbon Strategy. The board operates under the authority of the prime minister.
Tariceanu pointed out that the national reform plan is carefully monitored by the Government officials. „What is important is that the Government is keeping a keen eye on the workings of the board and the seriousness of the commitments included in the action plan,” said the Romanian head of government.
The action plan, said Tariceanu, emphasizes priority objectives for Romania in the time immediately ahead, including increasing central and local administrative capabilities; improving financial planning and efficiency in public spending; speeding up education reform for better meeting the labour market demands; increasing efficiency of investments in research and innovation; promoting the investment potentials, particularly in the province of small and medium-sized enterprises; improving employment, and increasing energy efficiency.
Tariceanu says the outlook for the Romania economy is excellent, adding that he bets on this outlook when he says that Romania can become one of Europe’s main forces.
„We have to understand that in the long run the Romanian economy has to have a spine made up of business operators running on Romanian capital. The Romanian economy is dominated by multinational companies. I am pleading for the creation of business champions in Romania, of companies running on Romanian capital that are able to provide products and services for the Romanian market and also to enjoy prospects for business expansion,” said Tariceanu.
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