Eurostat: Romania ranks 2nd in EU in rise in costs of manpower

Hourly cost of manpower advanced 23% in Q2 2008, compared with the same period in 2007, which makes Romania rank 2nd in the European Union, in this respect, according to data released on September 15 by the Office for Statistics of the European Community, Eurostat.
In Romania, in nominal terms, the hourly cost of manpower increased 23%, April-June 2008, after a 19.6% advance in Q1 2008 and a 21.6% rise in Q4 2007.
In Q2 2008, Germany reported the lowest advance, of 0.7%, in the costs for manpower, next comes Malta – 1.8%, and Sweden – 2.2%.
Over April-June 2008, the highest rise in the costs for manpower was reported in Latvia – 24.8%, Romania – 23%, Bulgaria – 21.9%, Lithuania – 18.2% and Estonia – 16.9%.
On branches, in Q2 2008, compared with Q2 2007, the costs for manpower in Romania advanced 25.3% in industry, 25.7% in constructions, and 20.3% in services.
The hourly cost of manpower in the EU countries (EU 27) rose 3.4% in Q 2 2008, compared with 4.4% in Q 1.
In the euro area (EU 15), the hourly cost of manpower advanced 2.7% in Q2, compared with 3.5% in Q1.

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