MEF: Romania absorbs more structural funds than its contribution to EU

Minister Secretary of State Eugen Teodorovici from the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) stated recently in a press conference that, despite of what had been previously said, Romania attracted in fact already more structural funds than its contribution after accession to the EU.
Eugen Teodorovici explained Romania came out with a plus of 0.5 billion euros last year, while this year the contribution of the country to the European Union stands at 1.3 billion euros, with the total value of the funds attracted having been estimated to reach by the end of the year 2.8 billion euos, that is a plus will result worth 1.5 billion euros. He also added Romania has already attracted this year funds worth some 2 billion euros.
Moreover, the Minister Secretary of State added „in 1-2 years, we will play, in a good sense, with the absorption of European funds.”
Eugen Teodorovici paid visits to Cluj-Napoca (central-west) and Oradea (west) to check the developments of such projects financed from the EU funds. Cluj-Napoca develops an ISPA project worth 46.7 million euros, which is to rebuild the water supply system of the city and the sewerage too, with the project to be concluded next year.

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