Mures: European funds for Romania and Hungary

Hungarian Ambassador in Bucharest Oszkar Fuzes said, on September 19, during a first official visit to Targu Mures, center of Romania, that he wants Romania and Hungary to access together European funds, by promotion of common projects.
„We want to cooperate in such a way as to build relations good for drawing together funds from the EU. If we make separate projects, we have smaller chances to access funds”, the ambassador said. He added that he wants a big economic-social area to be create.
„If we are in the EU, then let’s have a strong common Economic Union in this area, where we are not only competing against one another, but we make the others feel complete, „Fuzes said. Our bilateral links are good, but we now want relations at a higher quality level, as the EU requires, for us to be able to jointly access funds from the EU, let’s use together these opportunities and let’s make common projects. If you have concrete proposals, we will willingly help you”, said Fuzes.
The diplomat added he has a series of concrete plans, he wants to see how much capital and high investment from Hungary can be brought to the county of Mures, from foreign investors in Hungary, included.
„I want to see what common projects we can achieve in the EU-Hungary-Romania triangle. I am speaking of bigger project. But I also think of smaller ones, of how small enterprisers can develop, because it is they that will create jobs, in the end. Targu Mures is the most beautiful city in the world, I mean it, and there are huge possibilities for tourism development. I want not only the dwellers of this area, but also Hungarians to derive benefits from that”, the ambassador stressed.
He said that the county of Mures, where most of the dwellers are ethnic Hungarians, is particularly important for Hungary, because it is the place where the two countries and the two peoples live together, and the place where „in a European context, we can be very strongly united, we can work together as Europeans, Romanians and Hungarians.”
We all have the same targets and we will strive to fulfill them not against the others, but also for the others. Special importance is attached to the economy. The embassy will back all the efforts in this respect, we can have mutual confidence in the economic links. Culture will also consolidate the relations between the two countries. If I can be more pathetic, my motto is „Trust, trust, trust,” said the ambassador.
The Hungarian diplomat stressed he is happy that between Romania and Hungary the relations are varied, he said they will be consolidated, placing emphasis on making investors come to Romania, and supporting the foreign investors who already are in Hungary who want to extend their business to the East.
At the meeting with Hungarian ambassador in Bucharest Oszkar Fusez, participating was prefect of the county of Mures, Felicia Pop, and vice-president of the Council Mures County Arpad Szabo.
The two said that the county of Mures has many cooperation ties with Hungary, that out of the 120 localities in that county, 76 have cooperation links with administrative-territorial units in Hungary.

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