Proprietatea Fund pays dividends for 2007

Proprietatea Fund launched on September 15 the payment session of the 2007 dividends, with 0.659 bani (division of Romanian national currency leu) being offered for a share, to both individuals and legal persons who appeared recorded as shareholders of the Fund on August 19, 2008.
According to the Fund, the payments to the individuals will be operated via the Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR) by transfer into account or at the counters of the BCR units.

The payments to the legal persons will be made by transfer into account, based on a written request addressed to the Fund, the Shareholder Department, send in original by the legal representative, with signature and stamp of the company, and with bank and number of account to be specified.
According to the most recent reports, the number of individual shareholders reached 1,970, with the value of the shares representing 20% of the Fund’s total share capital.
The Proprietatea Fund reached a net profit worth 315.47 million lei in the first half of 2008, with the company’s turnover having stood at 337.19 million lei.
The Proprietatea Fund, created back in 2005, as a solution for the compensation of the former owners who were deprived of their assets by the communist regime and who cannot be given back such assets in natural state, with a share capital of 14.77 billion lei (some 4 billion euros).
Currently, the Proprietatea fund holds stakes in 88 companies, among which the majority in the energy sector.
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