Renault Group invests 1.4 billion euros in Romanian market, in ten years

Renault Group has invested 1.4 billion euros in its ten years of activity in the auto market in Romania, and investment will continue in the period to come, in production and testing centers and in training the staff, leader for Euromed region of Renault Group, Christian Esteve, said on September 18, on the occasion of the launch of the construction of a technical center of the group, at Titu, southern Romania.
„The investment made by Renault in the past ten years has reached 1.4 billion euros, from an initial investment of 250 million dollars. Investment was made both in a production center at Mioveni, south, and in a design center in Bucharest, and in the center we open today, here, at Titu. I assure Romanian authorities that we will continue investment in development and in training the staff in Romania, and I thank them for an excellent cooperation,” said Esteve.

Renault Techologie Roumanie laid on September 18, the foundation stone of a technical center of Renault Group at Titu, where both the Renault components and cars made in Romania will be verified.
Officials from the group estimate that the activity of the technical center will begin at end 2009, when the group will employ 3,000 engineers in Romania.
„The center at Titu completes Renault investment in technical centers, along with the two units in France, and in 18 months, Romania will practically have the capacity to complete the production cycle of a car, from design, construction to testing,” said deputy general manager of the group for engineering and quality Jean Louis Ricaud.
Attending the inauguration ceremony at Titu were President Traian Basescu and PM Calin Popescu-Tariceanu.
Investment in the Renault center at Titu will stand at 450 million euros.
Sales of Renault Group at world level rose 4.3% in H 1, 2008, to 1.325 units, and its market share increased 0.2%, to 3.8%.
Renault sales rose 4%, and Dacia ones 13.3%.
Renault Co bought, in July 1999, Dacia Mioveni plant. In the year 2000, the model Dacia SupeRNova was launched, the first materialization of French-Romanian cooperation. The car was equipped with a Renault engine and gearbox.
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