Romania and Bulgaria set up business centre from EU funds

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Navigation and Agriculture (CCINA) based in the Black Sea port of Constanta launched on September 18 the project dubbed Euro Dobrogea – The Romania-Bulgaria Centre of Business and Innovation Research, worth 435,000 euros, of which 88% are European Union funds.
The Chamber chairman Mihai Daraban told a news conference the project is achieved by his institution in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry based in Dobrich, Bulgaria, the Ovidius University of Constanta and the Dobrich Technical College; the project will be completed in the next 14 months, he added.

„The project is aimed at making a contribution to the economic development of the Romanian and Bulgarian region of Dobrogea, by means of the services of business support and innovation, with the direct beneficiaries being the business communities from Constanta and Dobrich”, he said.
The Centre of Business and Innovation Research has been built on 423 square meters, with the project targeting some 2,400 firms operating in Constanta and Dobrich, CCINA vice chairman Danut Juganaru said.
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