Some 207 mln euros assigned to development and rural tourism and micro-firms

The Romanian farmers may put forward projects as of September 18 on two new measures of the National Rural Development Programme meant for the development of micro-firms and tourist activities, with the European funds assigned those measures being higher than 207 million euros, the Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry announced.
The first session of project applications on measures 312 Support for the Setting Up and Development of Micro-Enterprises and 313 The Encouragement of Tourist Activities will be conducted over Sept. 18-Oct. 30.
The funds available for measure 312 total 98.85 million euros, while for measure 313 they stand at 108.8 million euros, the ministry said.
The maximum non-repayable amount that can be disbursed for funding a project under these measures stands at 200,000 euros.
The interested persons can get more information on each measure, including The Applicant’s Guide, from the County Offices for Payments on Rural Development and Fishery as well as on and
The projects will be submitted to the headquarters of the County Offices for Payments on Rural Development and Fishery; the applicant should meet the conformity and eligibility requirements stipulated in the Applicant’s Guide relevant to each measure.

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