Tourist rural accommodation houses continue to gain ground in competition with hotels

The tourist rural accommodation houses are continuing to gain ground in the competition with hotels.
Daniel Vasilescu, the president of the Tourism Owners’ Federation (FPTR), says the big number of tourist rural accommodation units built in the past years, which offer good accommodation conditions, has boosted the mountain tourism.
At present, there are more than 5,000 classified agri-tourist accommodation units and part of them have been built or upgraded in the past years with EU money.
„Very many inns and Romanian-cuisine restaurants have been opened as well. Moreover, the mountain resorts start every new season with improvements, inclusively in terms of winter sports, which draw increasingly more tourists”, says Ciprian Enea, consultant at Best Tourism.
The accommodation in a 2-3-daisy agri-tourist unit costs on average 100-150 lei per night (1 euro = 3.6 lei), whereas the price for a room in a 2-3 star hotel stands at 130-200 lei.

The most expensive mountain resort is Poiana Brasov (central Romania), where the prices for a 3 daisy tourist rural accommodation house stands on average at 200 lei and at 250 – 300 lei for a 3 star hotel. The cheapest one is the resort of Cheia (Prahova County, south), with an accommodation cost of 60 – 90 lei in the tourist accommodation homes and 120 – 150 lei at a 3 star hotel. If the tourist wishes to benefit also from spa facilities, then he/she has to opt for a 4–5 star hotel.
In general, the Romanian tourists do not use the services of the travel agencies for mountain trips. The owners of the tourist accommodation houses make discounts of up to 20% if the tourists reserve the rooms on Monday or Tuesday for the weekend. In some cases, there are even cheaper offers than 100 euro for 2 night stay with breakfast included for two, if the room is reserved at the start of the month.
Approximately 1 million tourists were recorded in H1 2008 in the mountain resorts and they generated revenues of minimum 26 million euro for the local hospitality industry.
FPTR estimates the number of tourists in the mountain resorts will climb, by the end of this year, by 25% on 2007, when the check-ins in the main tourist accommodation structures exceeded 2.2 million, according to the National Statistics Institute (INS).
According to FPTR, the increased interest for the alpine areas is a consequence of the investments made for upgrading the accommodation units and for increasing the quality of services.The most sought-after resorts are those in Prahova Valley (centre), where the occupancy rate in the season and weekends reaches even 90%.
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