INS: More than 42,000 employees in research-development activities in 2007

Research-development activity in Romania numbered 42,484 employees at the end of 2007, relatively steady compared to the one at the end of 2006, according to data published on September 23 by the National Statistics Institute (INS).
Total spending for research-development activity in 2007 accounted for 0.54% of the GDP, as against 0.46% in 2006. According to INS, of the 42,484 employees registered on December 31, 2007 a number of 19,544 were women (46%).
As for the scientific fields, the highest share of research-development employees work in engineering and technological fields – 48.2% followed by natural and exact sciences fields, with a weight of 21.1%. The number of researchers in these fields is significant, respectively 15,023 (of whom 40.2% women) in engineering and technological fields and 6,505 (of whom 48.1% women) in the natural and exact sciences fields.
As regards the financing sources for the overall research-development expenditure in 2007, public funding account for the highest weight (67.1% compared to 64.1% in 2006), followed by enterprise sources (26.9% compared to 30.4%).
Units in the governmental sector were the beneficiaries of the biggest public funding (42.8%), followed by higher education units (30.7%) and units in the enterprise sector (26.4%).
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