Most dynamic companies of Transylvania and Banat

Companies such as Neodigital of Cluj Napoca (central west), Comfort Imobiliare in Drobeta Turnu Severin (south-west) and Biohore in Oradea (north-west) were designated as the most dynamic companies in Transylvania (central) and the Banat (west) earning average annual turnovers higher than 200%, the Ziarul financiar reads on September 25, presenting the results of the survey it conducted along with the Polish Enterprise Investors Fund.
Neodigital ranks first scoring an average annual turnover growth of 512%, Confort Imobiliare Company comes second by 339.4% while Bihore ranks third by 232.3% higher growth rate, over 2005-2007 Neodigital’s main activity field is the wholesale of PCs, peripherals and software, and its main shareholders are Lorincz Piroska by 50%, Nemeth Imre 45% and Cristea Adriana owning 5% of the stocks. The Cluj-based Company used to number 38 employees in 2007.
The second ranked Comfort Imobiliare in Drobeta Turnu Severin earned a turnover worth round 1.2 million euros in 2005 and over 23.6 million euros in 2007. The Company provides sanitary equipment, heating and air conditioning systems and services. Its shareholders are Izometal by 75.6%, Conar owning 1.6% of the shares, Cornu Giorgica with 8.1% and Caraiman Lucian Nicu holding 3.7% of the stocks. The Company numbered 584 employees in 2007.

Oradea-based Bihore ranked third earning a turnover worth 1.7 million euros in 2005. Last year, the Company’s turnover grossed over 22.5 million euros. It mainly manufactures footwear, its main shareholders are Listh Reworld Control (99.727%) and USR International (0.273%), and it numbered 617 employees in 2007.
Along with the three winners, the Transylvania-Banat 2008 top ten most dynamic companies are as follows: Demers Import Export in Sibiu (central), Diesel One, at Brad, Hunedoara County (south west), Timcon in Timisoara (west), Con A in Sibiu County (central), Readymix Romania in Oradea (west), Anvelo Center in Oradea and New Company Recycling in Drobeta Turnu Severin (south west).
Winners were chosen from over 200 middle sized and big companies that met the selection criteria such as earning net profit and turnover higher than 40 million lei in 2007, numbering more than 30 employees and being registered in Transylvania or in the Banat. There were excluded the
companies supplying financial, real estate, and gambling and betting services.
For the final classification the jury assessed not only the Companies’ turnovers, but also their financial dynamics over 2005-2007.
Nevertheless the growths the local companies have scored during the latest year raises the problem of the growth’s sustainability, mainly in terms of financing, the Ziarul financiar reads on, mentioning several alternatives the companies may use for financing their future development, namely attracting private equity and EU funds or being listed on the capital market.
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