PM Tariceanu presents economic trend in the next period

The level of economic growth throughout 2008 will be quite high, with the GDP expected to go up in real terms by 9.1% according to estimations based on the evolutions in the first part of the year, PM Calin Popescu – Tariceanu said on September 24, after a Government meeting, when he made a presentation of the economic evolution for the next months and for 2009.
“These are basic elements for drawing up the budget for 2009 and a connection element between this year’s budget and next year’s one,” said the PM, adding that the data are based on the analyses of the National Commission for Prognosis.
Tariceanu announced that this year’s investments stand at 170.3 billion lei, the equivalent of 47 billion euro, which accounts for 33.7 of the GDP.

“In 2008 the public investments go up from 6.7 billion to 10 billion euro. With 10 billion euro we have almost covered 20% investments out of the total public expenses. This is a first for both Romania and the EU. Against 2004, investments on public funds went up five times,” the PM said.
Tariceanu explained that all these are due to a liberal policy and not to a lefty policy. “This is the best example that the policies conducted by the Government I am heading are pure liberal ones, aimed at boosting economic growth and generating welfare. The stress has not been laid on social policies but the result of the economic growth can only be the citizen’s welfare,” the head of Government said.
He underscored that the macroeconomic framework for 2009 is based on a preliminary autumn prognosis, which forecasts a 6.5% in the GDP against 2008.
“It is a moderate forecast, but I prefer to go with it and eventually exceed it, rather than bet on optimistic prognosis and then look for explanations for not having achieved it,” Tariceanu said.
A rise in the number of employees by 3% (between 150,000-180,000 people) is expected, as well as an unemployment rate below 4%. The gross average salary will go up to 1,865 lei, the equivalent of 525 euro, the PM announced.
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